GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Economics, Political Science, Geography , Question And Answer 10/अक्टूबर /2023 . GK,GS,

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Economics, Political Science, Geography , Question And Answer 10 /10/2023 . GK,GS, GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: दिनाँक 10 /10/2023 प्रतिदन के करेंट अफेयर्स विषायावार पढेंगें । जैसे – आर्थिक करेंट अफेयर्स , राजनीतिक करेंट अफेयर्स , आज का करेंट अफेयर्स – 10 अक्टूबर 2023 का करेंट अफेयर्स विषयावार और प्रशोन्त्तरी की तरह देखेंगे । इसी तरह के प्रश्न परीक्षा में पूछे जाते हैं।GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs:

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Economics

India’s Gross domestic product development rate eases back to 6.9% in Q2 FY24. This is the slowest speed of development in a year, and comes as the worldwide economy faces various difficulties, including increasing expansion and loan costs, and the continuous conflict in Ukraine.

RBI to stop Gradual Money Save Proportion (ICRR). The ICRR is a device involved by the RBI to oversee liquidity in the financial framework. Its stopping is an indication that the RBI is certain that liquidity levels are currently sufficient. GK-GS

India’s import/export imbalance extends to $27 billion in September 2023. This is the most elevated import/export imbalance on record, and is driven by a sharp expansion in imports, especially of oil and different products.

India’s forex saves tumble to $530 billion. This is the most minimal degree of forex holds since April 2020. The downfall is because of various elements, remembering the RBI’s mediation for the money market to help the rupee.

Government to send off new plan to help fabricating. The plan, called the Creation Connected Motivating force (PLI) plot, will give monetary impetuses to organizations that fabricate specific items in India.

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Political Science

The ascent of populism and patriotism: Populism and patriotism are on the ascent all over the planet, representing a test to a vote based system and global collaboration.

The decay of confidence in establishments: Confidence in organizations like government, the media, and large business is declining, which could adversely affect social attachment and financial development. GK-GS

The effect of innovation on legislative issues: Innovation is significantly affecting governmental issues, from how missions are raced to the manner in which residents get their news.

The difficulties of worldwide administration: The world is confronting various complex difficulties, for example, environmental change, pandemics, and financial imbalance, which require worldwide collaboration to address.

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Geography

Netherlands to construct counterfeit islands to save untamed life. The Netherlands is building an archipelago of fake islands on a 700-square-kilometer breadth of water to safeguard the biodiversity and untamed life of the area. The task, called Marker Wadden, is one of the biggest rewilding projects in Europe. GK-GS pcshindi

China blamed for introducing drifting obstruction in questioned South China Ocean. The Philippines has blamed China for introducing a “drifting obstruction” in the contested Spratly Islands locale of the South China Ocean. The boundary is purportedly comprised of a progression of floats and nets, and it hazy its motivation is.

Extreme floods hit Sikkim, India. Weighty storm downpours have caused serious flooding in the Indian province of Sikkim. Great many individuals have been uprooted from their homes, and a few scaffolds and streets have been harmed.

Sela Passage Undertaking in India gains ground. The Sela Passage Venture, which is being developed under the Sela Pass in the Indian territory of Arunachal Pradesh, has gained huge headway. The passage will be the longest high-elevation street burrow on the planet, and it is normal to be finished in 2023. GK-GS pcshindi

Toto Shabda Sangraha, a word reference of the Toto language, distributed. The Toto Shabda Sangraha, a word reference of the Toto language, has been distributed in India. The Toto language is spoken by the Toto public, a native clan living in the provinces of West Bengal and Assam. The word reference is a significant commitment to the conservation of the Toto language and culture.

Researchers foresee the supportability of a future hydrogen economy. Another review has anticipated that a hydrogen economy could be feasible, yet provided that specific circumstances are met. These circumstances incorporate the advancement of proficient and reasonable techniques for delivering hydrogen, and the arrangement of carbon catch and capacity innovations.

Metal mining pollution widely affects waterways and floodplains. Another investigation has discovered that metal mining pollution widely affects waterways and floodplains. The investigation discovered that mining tainting can lessen biodiversity, upset biological systems, and represent a gamble to human wellbeing. GK-GS pcshindi

Question of differing warm water inflow in the Cold presently addressed. Researchers have settled the question of why the inflow of warm water into the Icy changes from one year to another.
The investigation discovered that the varieties are brought about by changes in the North Atlantic Swaying, an environment design that influences the course and strength of winds in the North Atlantic Sea.

Durable La Nina occasions more normal over past 100 years. Another investigation has discovered that dependable La Nina occasions have become more normal over the course of the last 100 years. La Nina is an environment design that causes cooler-than-normal ocean surface temperatures in the focal and eastern Pacific Sea. The investigation discovered that durable La Nina occasions can fundamentally affect worldwide weather conditions, remembering expanded precipitation for Australia and South America, and diminished precipitation in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Mussels ready to change pulse to adapt to marine heatwaves. Another investigation has discovered that mussels can change their pulse to adapt to marine heatwaves. The investigation discovered that mussels can build their pulse to siphon more blood and oxygen to their tissues, which assists them with making due in hotter waters. GK-GS pcshindi

Noteworthy red tide occasion of 2020 powered by tiny fish super swimmers. Another investigation has discovered that the memorable red tide occasion of 2020, which killed great many marine creatures in the Bay of Mexico, was energized by a kind of tiny fish that can swim exceptionally quick. The investigation discovered that these tiny fish had the option to outswim their hunters and sprout quickly, which prompted the red tide occasion. GK-GS pcshindi

Past sudden changes in North Atlantic Toppling have affected the environment framework across the globe. Another investigation has discovered that past sudden changes in the North Atlantic Toppling, a significant sea ebb and flow framework, have affected the environment framework across the globe. The investigation discovered that these progressions can prompt quick changes in temperature and precipitation designs.

Because of ocean ice retreat, zooplankton could stay in the profound longer. Another investigation has discovered that because of ocean ice retreat, zooplankton could stay in the profound longer. Zooplankton are little creatures that assume a significant part in the marine pecking order. That’s what the investigation discovered in the event that zooplankton stay in the profound for longer timeframes, it could adversely affect the marine environment.

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Question And Answer

Q: Which state sent off India’s most memorable Farmland Value File?
A: Madhya Pradesh

Q: Which tiger save is situated in Madhya Pradesh?
A: Panna Tiger Save

Q: Which organization as of late declared to send off Golden cautions to track down missing kids?
A: Google

Q: India’s most memorable fluid mirror telescope has been authorized in which state?
A: Uttarakhand

Q: Uttarakhand Boss Clergyman Pushkar Singh Dhami won the bypoll from which voting demographic?
A: Champawat GK-GS pcshindi


Q: What is the topic of the ‘World Food Day 2023’?
A: Abandon Nobody

Q: What is the topic of the ‘World Measurements Day 2023’?
A: Superior information. Better lives.

Q: Which city is the host of the ‘World Urban communities Day 2023’ festivals?
A: Katowice, Poland

Q: Which country as of late repudiated its confirmation of the Complete Atomic Test-Boycott Settlement (CTBT)?
A: Russia

Q: Which nation is confronting monetary effect because of a strategic debate with India?
A: Canada


Q: The James Webb Space Telescope as of late caught the most profound and most honed infrared picture of the far off universe to date. What is the name of this picture?
A: Webb’s Most memorable Profound Field GK-GS pcshindi

Q: The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medication 2023 was granted to three researchers for their disclosures on the human genome and how it connects with sickness. Who are these researchers?
A: Svante Pääbo, David Julius, and Ardem Patapoutian.

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Overview

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GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: FA’Q

Which world leader was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

Maria Ressa, the founder of Rappler, an online news organization in the Philippines

Which international organization has recently warned of a global food crisis?

 The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Who is the new Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?

Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

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