GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Economics, Political Science, Geography , Question And Answer 24/अक्टूबर /2023 . GK,GS,

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Economics, Political Science, Geography , Question And Answer 24/10/2023 . GK,GS, GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: दिनाँक 24 /10/2023 प्रतिदन के करेंट अफेयर्स विषायावार पढेंगें । जैसे – आर्थिक करेंट अफेयर्स , राजनीतिक करेंट अफेयर्स , आज का करेंट अफेयर्स – 24 अक्टूबर 2023 का करेंट अफेयर्स विषयावार और प्रशोन्त्तरी की तरह देखेंगे । इसी तरह के प्रश्न परीक्षा में पूछे जाते हैं।GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs:

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs: Economics

Gross domestic product development conjecture changed upwards to 6.3% for FY24: The Global Money related Asset (IMF) has updated upwards its Gross domestic product development gauge for India for the monetary year 2023-24 to 6.3%, from 6.1% assessed prior. This is the most noteworthy development gauge for India among every significant economy.

RBI to cease ICRR: The Save Bank of India (RBI) has reported that it will suspend the Premium Inclusion Proportion (ICRR) system for loaning to framework projects from April 1, 2024. This is pointed toward improving on the credit endorsement process and helping interest in the foundation area.

Trade Trust structure sent off for India-Singapore exchange: The TradeTrust system, a blockchain-based stage for exchange finance, has been sent off for India-Singapore exchange. This stage is supposed to diminish the time and cost of exchange exchanges between the two nations.

Worldwide monetary development to slow in 2023: The IMF has downsized its worldwide financial development conjecture for 2023 to 2.9%, from 3.6% assessed prior. This is because of the continuous conflict in Ukraine, rising expansion, and store network disturbances.

US Took care of raises loan costs by 75 premise focuses: The US Central bank raised loan fees by 75 premise focuses for the third continuous time, with an end goal to battle expansion. This is the most elevated level of loan fees in the US beginning around 2008.

UK economy enters downturn: The UK economy entered a downturn in the second quarter of 2023, with Gross domestic product shrinking by 0.1%. This is the main downturn in the UK beginning around 2009.

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs : Political Science

The High Court of India dismissed a request by the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) looking for the expulsion of vehicle like images in the impending Telangana get together decisions.

Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi charged Telangana Boss Clergyman K. Chandrasekhar Rao of being saved by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) notwithstanding the BJP’s focusing of other resistance pioneers.

The BJP delivered a rundown of 21 contender for the impending Mizoram gathering surveys.

US President Joe Biden asked Congress for $105 billion to help Israel and Ukraine.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he is probably not going to cut attaches with Hamas, the Palestinian aggressor bunch that controls the Gaza Strip.

The new time of the International strategy digital recording “Worldwide Reboot” sent off.

The High Court’s dismissal of the BRS’s supplication is a catastrophe for the party, which had contended that vehicle like images were befuddling and deluding to electors. The choice is additionally a triumph for the Political decision Commission of India, which had shielded the utilization of vehicle like images.

Rahul Gandhi’s allegation that the BJP is saving K. Chandrasekhar Rao is probably going to resound with Congress allies and different pundits of the BJP. The allegation comes when the BJP is confronting expanding analysis for its supposed assaults on the resistance and its concealment of contradiction.

The BJP’s arrival of its rundown of possibility for the Mizoram gathering surveys is an indication that the party is significant about testing the occupant Congress government in the state. The BJP has been making gains in Mizoram lately, and it is conceivable that the party could win the forthcoming political decision.

US President Joe Biden’s solicitation for $105 billion to help Israel and Ukraine is an indication of the Biden organization’s obligation to these two partners. The solicitation comes when both Israel and Ukraine are confronting critical security challenges.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s choice to keep attaches with Hamas is probably going to additional strain Turkey’s relations with Israel. The choice likewise comes when Turkey is confronting expanding tension from the US and other Western nations to limit any association with Hamas.

GK-GS, Aaj Ka Current Affairs : GK-GS

1-GK: Who is the ongoing State head of the Assembled Realm?
Reply: Starting around my last information update in September 2021, the State head of the Unified Realm was Boris Johnson. If it’s not too much trouble, check for the most cutting-edge data.

2-GS: What is the compound image for gold?
Reply: The synthetic image for gold is “Au.”

3-GK: Which planet is frequently alluded to as the “Red Planet”?
Reply: Mars is frequently alluded to as the “Red Planet” because of its ruddy appearance.

4-GS: What is the compound equation of water?
Reply: The synthetic equation of water is H2O.

5-GK: Who composed the play “Romeo and Juliet”?
Reply: “Romeo and Juliet” is a play composed by William Shakespeare.

6-GS: What is the biggest organ in the human body?
Reply: The skin is the biggest organ in the human body.

7-GK: Which nation is known as the Place where there is the Rising Sun?
Reply: Japan is frequently alluded to as the “Place that is known for the Rising Sun.”

8-GS: What is the cycle by which plants make their own food utilizing daylight?
Reply: The interaction by which plants make their own food utilizing daylight is called photosynthesis.

9-GK: Which nation is popular for the old city of Petra?
Reply: The antiquated city of Petra is situated in Jordan.

10-GS: What is the synthetic image for oxygen?
Reply: The compound image for oxygen is “O.”

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What is the chemical symbol for potassium?


Who is the founder of Microsoft?

Answer: Bill Gates

What is the chemical symbol for oxygen?

Answer: O2

What is the pH of pure water?

Answer: 7

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