The Doctor and the Patient: A doctor is faced with a difficult decision when his patient is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The Doctor and the Patient:

The Nurse and the Child: A nurse bonds with a young child who is being treated for cancer.

The Nurse and the Child: 

1. The Surgeon and the Soldier: A surgeon saves the life of a soldier who has been injured in battle.

The Surgeon and the Soldier: 

A pharmacist helps an elderly woman find the right medication to manage her chronic health conditions. 

The Pharmacist  

The Social Worker and the Homeless Man: A social worker helps a homeless man get back on his feet.

The Social Worker  

The Physical Therapist and the Athlete: A physical therapist helps an athlete recover from an injury.

The Physical  

. The Psychologist and the Teenager: A psychologist helps a teenager deal with anxiety and depression.

The Psychologist and the  

 The Dietitian and the Obese Patient: A dietitian helps an obese patient lose weight and improve their health.

The Dietitian 

The Yoga Instructor and the Cancer Survivor: A yoga instructor helps a cancer survivor cope with the physical and emotional effects of the disease.

The Yoga Instructor 

A patient struggles to navigate the complex and often frustrating health care system. 

The Patient and the Health